Reactive Vs. Aggressive Dog

Reactive vs. Aggressive Dog

Dogs are a man’s best friend, they say dogs are one of the most loyal animals in the world. A day with their owner feels like a year for them and why whenever their fur parents are away for work they can sometimes feel alone and abandoned. As a fur parent, if you don’t teach your dog good training and behavior they may end up aggressive and reactive. But how can we differentiate Reactive dogs vs. Aggressive dogs

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Difference between reactive dog and aggressive dog:

Reactive Dog

Does your dog bark at other dogs, cats or animals when walking? Is it difficult to control their behavior and the only thing for you to do is to drag them away? Have you ever considered the  reason behind that behavior?

The example above is what we call “reactive dogs’ ‘ , dogs who overreact to certain situations that even the owner cannot control. This behavior doesn’t mean or lead to aggressive dogs thus it something triggers this especially if they have anxiety.

Aggressive, Disobedient Dog Problems Concept.

Reactive dogs become overly aroused by common stimuli, they tend to bark, lunge and growl whatever triggers their emotions and behavior until they cannot control and move out of a certain situation. A reactive dog is a fearful dog, and this behavior grows from the moment they are in a new environment often due to lack of socialization, bad experience and lack of training. 

How can you solve this kind of behavior in your dog?

The first thing to do is to identify the specific triggers that set your dog off. Observe your dog’s behavior whenever they see a person or an animal like dogs, cats or birds. If you see this problem, make a plan and solution so that you can stop your dog’s triggered emotions.

First, work with and encourage your dog in situations that they are not normally comfortable with without fear and anxiety. Try giving some treats and good praises whenever they control their behavior and fear so that they  feel relaxed and think that it is not a bad thing nor an enemy. 

Always remember to protect your dog’s personal space, it doesn’t mean that they are not friendly,  it’s a matter of training and good communication between the dog and their fur parent. 

Aggressive dog 

Aggression is one of the most serious behavior problems in a dog.  It is one of the most common reasons why owners ask for professional training to help control their dog’s aggressive behavior. This behavior problem can be defined as a threat of harm to another person or animal, they somehow growl, bite and lunge.

Aggressive Dog

But what is the reason why dogs show this kind of behavior?

Experts say dogs become aggressive due to guarding territory, frustration, trauma and pain. They use this kind of behavior to express their emotions and become territorial in their own space. It may be common for your dog to become aggressive if there are strangers around them or they think that there is a threat of danger. But allowing your dog to become aggressive may result in harm. Always remember that dogs that show this kind of behavior lack proper training. 

Reactive dogs are not aggressive dogs but if you tolerate that kind of behavior it may lead to aggression., It is possible to control a reactive dog but when it comes to aggressive dogs you need to seek help from a professional dog experts like Delmarva K9 so that they can train your dog on how to manage and control their behavior. 

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