10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding To Become A Fur Parent

Time spent with your fur babies is never wasted and brings you genuine happiness! Whether you are cat lover or dog lover or have different kinds of animals that you take care of, the genuine happiness of seeing your fur babies is remarkable and few other things can compare the happiness that they bring. But there are things to consider if you want or decide to become a fur parent. It is a big responsibility because you are taking care of a life. If you are planning to adopt a dog and don’t have any idea on where to start, Delmarva K9 is here to help you become a responsible owner through their professional dog training. 

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But before that, let’s ask ourselves if we are ready to face the responsibility of becoming a fur parent.

Here are the 10 questions that you may consider before deciding to get a pet:

1. Am I responsible?

This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself, “am I responsible? Responsibility comes in all forms whether you are responsible as a child, wife or husband, worker and owner. Yes, in order for you to be a fur parent you need to be responsible in taking care of your fur babies. As a responsible fur parent you need to take care of them starting by giving them shelter, food and drinks as well as the love and dedication that they deserve. So, before you decide to own a pet or become a fur parent, you must consider yourself  a responsible owner. 


2. Am I financially ready?

Being a fur parent, you need to become financially ready why? Because your fur babies also need healthy food that is suitable for their breed. You need to become financially ready in order for you to provide necessities such as dog/cat food and vitamins,healthy vet visits and shots, and  they may also have their own special needs like sensitive fur skin. 


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3. Am I emotionally prepared?

You need to ask yourself if you are ready in terms of your emotional capabilities, taking care of a pet requires patience since they are sometimes clumsy and messy and babies can cause damage by chewing or if left unattended. They are also dependent on your for love and attention. 

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4. Am I ready to clean/pick up the waste of my dog/cat?

Sounds funny but this is the reality. Puppies and kittens can’t train themselves and certainly don’t have the ability to know where the proper place to urinate or poop is, so you need to be ready to pick up and clean their waste to maintain the cleanliness inside of your house as well as the commitment to teach them where the proper place  is. 


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5. Do I have time to train them?

Lack of training is one of the factors why some of the dogs are aggressive and misbehave. It is because they lack proper training. At an early stage, it is best to train them  so that as they grow they will acquire that consistent foundational training including how they react towards other animals and humans as well as on how they behave inside the house. 

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6. Do I have time to walk my dog regularly?

Dogs love walking. They love to sniff and smell different things and familiarize themselves with the outdoors.. Walking your dog keeps them healthy and is a great opportunity by getting them to know and socialize with other pets as well as provides a bond between you and them. 

7. Am I prepared to have scratches and bruises coming from my fur babies?

Dogs and cats can bite and scratch, especially when new babies or untrained. It is realistic to expect some injuries as they acclimate and be willing to commit to training them to correct this behavior. If you are afraid or scared to be scratched and bitten by your fur baby then you are not physically prepared to become a fur parent. 

8.  Do I have time and money to bring them to the veterinarian for checkup?

Maybe you are wondering is this important? Young, inexperienced pet owners are often unprepared for the time and financial commitment required in keeping your pet healthy. Regular visits to the vet are necessary to ensure your pet is growing properly, staying healthy and getting all of the nutrients they need.


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9. Am I physically ready?

You need to ask yourself if you are physically ready. Dogs especially are highly energetic and require you to meet their energy level since they are playful and want to have fun especially with their owner.  Being lazy is not in their vocabulary so be ready to have this kind of commitment

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10. Am I ready to give all my love, support, attention and dedication to my pets?

This question sums up all the questions above. If you have what it takes well then consider yourself  blessed because you will be able to change the life of a fur baby that deserves all the love and attention you can offer, and while you’re at it don’t be surprised if they change your life for the better too!


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