A Retriever Mixed Breed Dog Catching A Ball

Top 10 Basic Dog Training Commands

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, on the other hand cynophiles or dogophiles are called people who love dogs. Well who doesn’t love dogs? Dog’s loyalty is the most valuable thing on earth, the moment you give love and care, dogs will exchange it more than that because for them their owners is the

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Dog mood

Common Dog Training Mistakes

We love our dogs, and as responsible owners we make sure that our furry pets are comfortable, starting with food, health, grooming, and vet checkups to keep them healthy and happy. But it doesn’t end here, as an owner, it is our duty to train our dogs to relax and have calm interactions with other

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Dog Receiving A Treat

Our Body Language & How Dogs Understand It

Pets are one of the greatest blessings we are given. They are loyal companions and give us undying love. One of the best examples and most common pets is dogs. Dogs tend to be a man’s best friend, why? Because the loyalty of a dog cannot be compared to anything- even in humans. But how

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Cooking Vegetarian Food For Pets. In Interior.

How Dog Behavior is Linked to Nutrition

Nutrition is the process of consuming food and drink to gain everything that is required for health and growth and providing us the energy we need to go on with our day-to-day lives. Just like humans, dogs also need good and balanced nutrition as a basic necessity in their daily lives. As responsible owners, it’s

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