Common Dog Training Mistakes

We love our dogs, and as responsible owners we make sure that our furry pets are comfortable, starting with food, health, grooming, and vet checkups to keep them healthy and happy. But it doesn’t end here, as an owner, it is our duty to train our dogs to relax and have calm interactions with other animals and people around them. But sometimes there are situations in which we think we are doing the right thing but it turns out to be a mistake. Let’s tackle some common dog training mistakes to avoid when handling our furry friends because having healthy and happy pets reflects how responsible and worthy you are as an owner. 

dog training

Here are some common dog training mistakes


This is one of the most common dog training mistakes. Dog training should have multiple short sessions rather than longer sessions. It doesn’t mean that we can train our dogs every day and every hour, but there are certain situations that our dogs can feel pressured, anxious, and afraid and not cooperate with training. Always be in tune with your dogs’ moods and behavior to feel comfortable and happy. 

Dog Training timing


Treats are one of the most effective positive reinforcements regarding dog training but too many treats can be a dog training mistake. If every desirable behavior has a corresponding treat your dog can rely on treats too much and will grow to expect them. If your dog becomes too reliant on treats and you don’t have them, it can cause demotivation.  It’s better to let your dog expand their willingness to learn and have fun with additional forms of positive reinforcement and instead encourage non-edible treats like walks, running, playing with their favorite toys, and mingling with other dogs. 

Dog Training treats


Dogs can be playful and hyper, and sometimes cause damage such as broken items, chewing shoes, slippers, and other important belongings. How you punish your dog matters. Too much punishment and the wrong methods can actually cause the dog to become violent or fight back, and if the punishment timing doesn’t happen close enough to the bad behavior it can also cause confusion. 

Dog behavior punishment


We all know that dogs are attentive and smart but it is important to have realistic expectations for training. Dogs are playful, happy, and attentive especially when getting commands or instructions. But there is a learning curve and you cannot expect your dog to focus and be responsive at all times. Learning to read your dogs’ mood and attention level matters along with good communication.

dog training expectations


When you are dog training, it is important to be consistent. Without consistency, some dogs may forget or lack focus and attention. In order for you to be successful, it’s a good idea to put together a schedule for training every day to teach and reinforce the behavior you are trying to teach. A step-by-step process is also effective in dog training so that your dog can learn and observe it at all times. 

inconsistent dog training


Some owners don’t acknowledge the dog’s behavior if she is afraid, anxious, or uncomfortable. Neglecting your dog’s behavior is a big dog training mistake. As responsible owners, we must always pay attention to their mood and behavior, to ensure the dog is receptive to training and ready to learn.

Dog mood

Sometimes we think that our actions and commands are right but there are dog training mistakes that we should avoid for successful dog training. Every dog is different just like people, there are introverts and extroverts it’s a matter of how you train and treat your dog. Your dog’s behavior is a reflection of how good you are as a pet owner so we need to be more thoughtful and considerate when it comes to our furry friends. 

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