Top 10 Basic Dog Training Commands

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, on the other hand cynophiles or dogophiles are called people who love dogs. Well who doesn’t love dogs? Dog’s loyalty is the most valuable thing on earth, the moment you give love and care, dogs will exchange it more than that because for them their owners is the only thing that matters. But we can’t deny the fact that dogs are more aggressive and violent especially if they experience being mistreated and abused. As a responsible owner, you must train your dog so that it will be harmless and gentle to other animals and people. If you are planning to train your dog, there are dog training commands that can apply and try to your lovable dogs. 

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Dog training commands build communication to both the dog and its owner, this training builds comfort, security and respect so that your dog may not have some inappropriate behavior like barking, growling and the urge to bite especially to other living creatures. So whenever you are ready and your dog as well as their yummylicious treats, it is now time to work on the top 10 basic dog training commands that will surely help you and your baby dogs. 

Dog Training Commands

1. SIT

Dog trainers consider this as the most basic dog training command, even a puppy can learn about this. The sit command keeps your dog calm and self-controlled. This command boosts the dog’s cooperativeness and this will ensure if your dog really understands and participates on your command. You can say “SIT” with a firm voice so that your dog will know that you are more superior to him and give some treats to boost its actions and get excited about it. 

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If you want to ditch the leash of your dog, this ‘Stay” command is needed to ensure your dog’s behavior. When your dog is in a natural sitting position, open your hand facing your dog and say the word “stay” if you’re still in the sitting position after your command, give her some treats to know that he is doing it right. Move casually away from your dog until he knows the word stay and continue giving him rewards until he perfectly executes the command. 

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The most useful dog training command, if you want to lose the leash of your dog, the command “come” can benefit to ensure your dog’s behavior towards other animals or people. Dogs like to smell and observe and it may create a fuss especially to others who are afraid when there are dogs around. With a certain distance to your dog, gently pull the leash of yours and say “come” as your dog manages to come eventually give her treats and repeat the process until you lose the leash, in that way your dog will know the command of “come”.



This dog training command is the most playful one and even your dogs will surely enjoy this training. Get an object or a toy that he really loves, give him time to play and enjoy the object. Then, get the toy and throw it while saying the word “catch” your dog will eventually catch it and back to you. Say the word “drop” so that he will put down the toy and throw it again. Through this training, your dog can be playful without even harming other toys or objects because he has his own playing toy. Give him some treats after so that he will show more of his good and appropriate behavior. 



This dog training command will test your dog’s patience and behavior. This will train your dog to not move or wander around. Execute the command “sit or stay” if your dog is in their sitting position, open the palm of your hand and say “wait” while trying to move slowly away from him. If your dog behaves and still waits, give him treats and practice again until he will executed it really well. 

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This is a playful command that your dog will surely enjoy. For example, say the name of your dog and bark. “Casper, bark 2 times (aww aww)” then if your dog follows your command give him treats and practice again. You can tell your dog to bark in a low tone and bark in a higher pitch. If your dog shows cooperativeness, he deserves all the treats in the world. 


This dog training command will teach your dog to be quiet and avoid certain barking or growls that are unnecessary. If your dog is too loud, say the word “quiet” and wait for your dog to be quiet. If he shows some good behavior give him treats so that he knows the word quiet. Repeat the process until the dogs know how to do it well. 



As a dog lover and owner, we wanted our dog to be comfortable especially on their nap or relaxing time. Prepare a good area for his bed and train him that this is his place. Through this way, if you want your dog to behave and be on their own place say the word “bed” or “lie on you bed” so that your dog will know that he needs to behave or be on their own place and not to roam around. 


This is perfect whenever you want to do some walking without using a leash. Let your dog stay on your side, if he roams around, call his name and train him to be on your side only while walking. If he walks beside you and waits, give him treats as a positive reinforcement so that your dog knows where to stand and walk. Execute and practice until your dog knows how to do it well. 



This dog training command, trains your dog to be calm whenever he has some behavioral issues like hyper, aggressive or not listening around. This might be challenging in certain situations especially if your dog is too playful and hyper. But having patience and giving treats whenever he shows good behavior can result to a good behavioral act dog. 

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This dog training command can help you to train your dog to become responsive and not aggressive towards other animals or people. As a responsible owner it is your duty to look always for your dog and be aware on its certain behavior, if the dogs reacts in an appropriate behavior and doesn’t seem to be afraid on its owners, it’s time to ask for help to dog trainers so that they will teach you on a proper way to execute the dog training command. 

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