Dog Training in Snow Hill, Maryland

DelmarvaK9 is proud to have a large staff of skilled dog trainers and committed professionals with a ton of relevant, practical expertise. Many members of our crew have extensive backgrounds in military and law enforcement activities spanning many years. We are a leader in our field thanks to our expertise and dedication to providing excellent customer service. If you are looking for experienced dog trainers, come to us at Delmarva K9. Having worked with numerous dogs, our team has gained essential strategies and techniques to successfully handle military, police, and civilian dogs. Be confident that when you leave your dogs to us, they are in safe, reliable hands. We take great delight in providing top-notch dog training programs in Snow Hill, Maryland. Additionally, we excel at offering excellent customer service. For your dog training and canine education needs, DelmarvaK9 provides a range of options. We aim to assist you in selecting the best course of action. 

One of the services offered when it comes to your canine is the Dog Training Program. This dog training in Snow Hill, Maryland is suitable for canines of all breeds so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your fur babies because Delmarva k9 is here to give you the best dog training and safety for your dogs. 

Get expert police and civilian dog training at Delmarva K9 in Snow Hill Maryland. We offer carefully designed programs to help your canines hone their abilities and learn new tricks. Geared with the tools, skills, and in-depth knowledge in dog training, our team is more than capable of working with canines of various sizes and breeds. We can train police, military, bomb, drug, and protection dogs as well as family and personal pups. There are many options to choose from Civilian Dog Training Program, one is the:

On-Leash Obedience Dog Training

This is a 3-week course wherein your dogs will stay with us. He will learn to sit, lie down, heel, place for 15 minutes and stay for 10 minutes under distraction. The main goal is to teach your dogs to behave while being on leash using a prong collar. If you don’t have much time to train your canine, Delmarva k9 offers this Obedience Training that will greatly help you to train your dogs even though you don’t have much time. Delmarva k9 are experts when it comes to dog training so you don’t need to worry more because they will make sure to give you the best training services for your canines.

About Snow Hill, Maryland

Established in 1686 by English settlers, the town is named after a district in London. The small settlement located on the banks of the mysterious and dark Pocomoke River, where bald cypress trees lined its bank and colored its waters. The town grew and prospered as the waterway fostered commerce and farming flourished in the surrounding area. With a temperate climate and rich farmland, the area was known for its agriculture. In 1694, the town was designated a royal port by William and Mary of England. When the Houses of Assembly carved Worcester County out of Somerset County in 1742, Snow Hill was established as the county seat of government. In 1793 the town was platted into some 1000 lots. It was involved in the American Revolutionary War and in June of 1775, it adopted resolutions to aid and support the colonists in Massachusetts. Local records were hidden during the War of 1812. Both Northern and Southern sympathies were evident during the War Between the States.

Snow Hill became an attractive place for craftsmen who prospered from their local trade as well as from their proximity to the river. Their ability to import and export goods and materials on the river allowed them to build remarkable dwellings. Snow Hill was known as a town of gracious living where merchants, bankers, farmers and sea captains could show off their wealth and fine homes.

Snow Hill is surrounded by rich farmland which has served to support the economy of the area throughout its history. The river also served as a major highway for trade in the early days of the town. Today small shops, galleries and museums grace the downtown area.

Driving Direction to Delmarva K9

Fastest route now due to traffic conditions – via MD-354 S – 13 min – 10.6 miles

Head south on Timmons Rd toward MD-354 N – 0.1 mi

Turn right onto MD-354 S – 9.2 mi

Turn left onto MD-12 S/Snow Hill Rd/N Washington St – 1.2 mi

Turn left onto E Market St