Dog Anxiety Ready 2023: How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

The start of a new year begins, so some of us are preparing for the incoming New Year 2023. We can all expect that when it comes to celebrating the new year and other special events a bang of fireworks to accompany the party. But how about our furbabies? Dogs are sensitive and often afraid of loud noises. Their fear of loud noises can make them stressed and anxious and can limit their enjoyment of our celebrations. With 2023  fast approaching, we can expect a lot of celebratory sudden loud noises like fireworks which can lead to fireworks anxiety in dogs. 

But don’t you worry here are some tips on how to keep your dog calm during fireworks anxiety:

French Bulldog Dog With Sign 'please Don't Buy Fireworks. I Am Scared' Hiding Under Blanket

Tips to calm dogs during fireworks anxiety attack:

1. Keep your dog away from fireworks and loud noises. 

This is one of the basic rules that you need to follow if you have a furry pet, keep them away from certain noises like the fireworks, loud music etc. Even though we want to enjoy and share the experience with our pets, our fur babies may be adversely affected and cause stress and  anxiety.

2. Create a safe space for your dog.

Create a space that will make your dog feel comfortable. Having a safe haven for them is a big help to lessen their fireworks anxiety. Try setting up in an area in a quiet space away from windows like in a basement or a room where they can’t hear or see the fireworks. Put a bed with his favorite toy so that he can play all day long and give him some lovely treats that will make him feel calm. This will lessen their stress and anxiety and keep them feeling secured and loved so that they will feel relaxed and at ease throughout the celebration.

Sick Or Scared Dog Covered With A Warm Tassel Blanket

3. Help them relax. 

Help your dog feel relaxation by remaining  calm and do not panic because your mood can trigger your pets  aggression and anxiety. Dogs tend to look at the actions of their owners. If they see their owner is afraid or scared, the dog may also  feel anxiety and freak out. Instead, prepare yourself for the night and  train yourself to be calm so that your dog will also be relaxed.

4. Keep your curtains and door closed. 

Sometimes bright lights can make you dog feel anxious in addition to loud noise. If your room has a window make sure to close your curtains so that the flashing lights and loud noises  will not be visible at the same time. People can enjoy the light show but remember that dogs may have anxiety so it’s better to take some precautions with ther comfort in mind .

Dog Sitting On The Window, Looking And Waiting For His Owner

5. Give them some toys, treats and food.

Another way to help keep your dog calm during fireworks, is to give them toys, treats and foods to keep them distracted from the noises. Let them play with their own favorite toys and give yummy treats to accompany them. That way they will feel relaxed and less anxious because their attention is being held by other things. 

6.  Play some calm music

Whenever people are stressed or anxious we play some calm music. This also applies to dogs when distressed.  Playig calm music for your pet can help them feel relaxed and their attention to loud noises may switch to the calm music.  This can soothe your dog’s feelings and distract them from the fireworks anxiety. 

Dog Music

7. Comfort your dog

One thing is for sure, its important to comfort your dog whenever they are afraid or scared. Your dog’s love language is physical touch, they love being patted on their head, scratched on their back and under their chin. During this time, your physical touch will be essential for them to feel calm and less anxious. When they are afraid or scared, show them and comfort them with your love so that they will feel secure. Every time they see their owners they are assured that everything will be good a, so it’s a great idea to give them the best comfort you can during the celebration and  keep the fireworks anxiety away.

In additioon to these tips, it is best to consult your dog’s veterinarian.  They will give some additional tips and solutions on how to keep your dog calm during fireworks. Every dog is different, so it’s better to be aware and knowledgeable about safety and care of our wonderful pets.

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