Our Body Language & How Dogs Understand It

Pets are one of the greatest blessings we are given. They are loyal companions and give us undying love. One of the best examples and most common pets is dogs. Dogs tend to be a man’s best friend, why? Because the loyalty of a dog cannot be compared to anything- even in humans.

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But how do dogs understand our body language? Body language & dogs can form and build communication by observing each other’s behavior and actions. Through this, we learn how to react and respond to certain behaviors based on the body language that each has shown.

As a responsible owner, it’s important to establish great leadership with your dog. Like a teacher towards her/his students and a parent to his children, Body language & dogs creates an important role especially in imparting discipline to the dog. If an owner is irresponsible, often the dog will be careless and more dangerous and unable to control its emotions and feelings, often even frightened of people. But how can we exercise discipline towards our dog? Dog communication is an effective way to establish leadership. Leadership with your dog has nothing to do with volume, force, or intimidation, it is better to demonstrate proper body language, and having proper dog communication will create and build trust.

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How do you show leadership towards your dog?

  1. A good and effective leader teaches with empathy and patience. In order for your dog to have discipline, you must exercise these qualities yourself since you are the role model.
  1. Be calm and confident. A good leader must be calm and confident, if there are certain situations where your dog becomes aggressive you must not panic. Show a calm-confident attitude and energy to influence how your dog interacts with the environment. It is very important to be aware of your body language and exercise proper dog communication to be effective.

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  1. Know your dog’s strengths and weaknesses. This is the most important thing to remember, you must know your dog’s strengths and weaknesses, why? Because there are certain circumstances in which your dog might be uncomfortable and anxious. For example, your dog might be uncomfortable around kids and show aggression. You need to ensure the safety between your dog and others and if your dog is uncomfortable, it’s important to control him properly and avoid potentially hazardous situations.
  1. Reprimand your dog right away. Sometimes our dogs become silly and playful and do things that may cause damage. Right at the time of the incident is the right time to correct your dog’s actions. When he does something wrong correct him right away, so he associates his behavior with the reprimand.

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  1. Meet your dog’s needs. Showing leadership to our dogs includes meeting our dog’s needs. Your dog needs physical exercise, mental stimulation, and training on a regular basis. The higher the energy of your dog, the more physical exercise he needs. If your dog is smart, mental simulation must be perfect for him and the more opportunistic your dog is, the more training he needs.
  1. Be consistent. Always remember to be consistent in training your dog, why? Because training doesn’t only last for a day, you must take time and practice every day to be effective. It is very important to be consistent so that your dog will learn the training and have the discipline to improve his actions.

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