Police Dog Training


Narcotics Detection Training, Tracking, and More

This program offers a 2-year health guarantee as well as a lifetime working guarantee. It includes both single- and dual-purpose training. 

  • Single-Purpose
  • Dual-Purpose
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Explosives Detection
  • Tracking
  • Trailing
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Provider of Quality Canines

On top of our police dog training services, we also provide the police department with qualified K9s imported from overseas to assist them in their operations. We also have bloodhounds for sale. Please contact us for more information about buying K9s and bloodhounds.

Call Us for K9 Training Services

Here at Delmarva K9 in Pittsville, MD, it is our goal to assist all dog owners in training and handling their dogs. Be it for police, military, or personal purposes, we are here to share our expertise with you. Should you have any questions about our police and civilian dog training services or wish to learn more about the boarding kennel we offer, feel free to give us a call.