10 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Peeing Inside the House

One of the struggles of being a fur parent is training your dog to have good and well-mannered behavior. Experts say in order to have good behavior you need to train your dog while still young so that it can recall and it is part of its daily routine. One of the daily struggles if you have a dog, is how to stop them from peeing inside the house. Though accidents happen, it can be very frustrating if they keep peeing inside the house despite having some dog training.

Cute Welsh Corgi Pembroke Or Cardigan Dog With A Guilty Look, Because He Could Not Wait For A Walk And Pissed On Diaper At Home, Top View. Methods Of Gradually Accustoming Puppy To The Toilet

Peeing inside the house is often called “inappropriate urination” by vets. This is one of the common problems of dogs especially if they lack dog training and if the owner doesn’t make time to teach them how and where to pee properly. If you are having a hard time training your dog and you don’t have much time to stay consistent,  Delmarva K9 of Maryland offers dog training for puppies to teach them how to properly pee and other correcting other kinds of behaviors. Through this dog training, puppies or canines will benefit along with owners to teach them proper techniques and to maintain their responsibilities as fur parents.

But if you wanted to try to train your dog here are the 10 tips to keep your dog from peeing inside the house.

Tips to Keep Your Dog From Peeing Inside:

  1. Train Your Dog

This is one of the basic things that you need to do as an owner. Training might take more patience, time and consistency but always remember, constant supervision and basic dog training commands will lead to a successful training and practice. If you don’t have much time or can’t be consistent, contact Delmarva K9 in Maryland. Delmarva K9 dog trainers are experts in dog behavior and dog training. 

Happy Vizsla On A Walk training for peeing

  1. Take Your Puppy Outside the House

This is mostly what pet owners do: they take their puppy outside the house to do their thing. You should take your puppy outside at least every 1-2 hours, after waking up, after eating and before going to bed. Don’t rush them, let them explore outside. To ensure their safety, you can use a leash and have a  walk, but always go to the same spot everyday. This helps create their daily routine of peeing outside and helps them to remember where their proper spot for peeing is. 

  1. Use Positive Reinforcement

Observe your puppy, if you see them pee outside of your house give them treats as a reward and praise their good behavior so that they will know that whenever they potty or pee outside there is a reward for that certain action. This is one reason dog training with Delmarva K9 is always successful because they always use positive reinforcement with  puppies and canines. Putting your dogs training in the hands of these experts you are surely guaranteed that your dog will always embody good behavior. Dogs also observe our body language to build communication, so it is best that we reinforce positive voice and body movements to them.

  1. Observe If They Have Anxiety

Observe your dog’s behavior outside, and pay attention to look for signs of anxiety. Some dogs pee inside the house because they are anxious outside, especially puppies, they are sensitive to loud noises, people, and other situations that trigger them or are scared. You can help your dog by slowly introducing them and letting them feel safe and okay whenever they are outside so that it can lessen their anxiety and overcome their fears.

  1. Do Not Punish Your Dog

Do not punish your pet. Always remember, punishment can trigger your pet’s behavior and anxiety. When they do something bad, punishment is not the only solution.  If they pee inside your house, you can scold them but in a gentle  way and continue to practice until they can remember and be comfortable to do it on their own. Practice makes perfect, so be patient with your dog  until they can feel comfortable and relax on their own.

  1. Clean Up

If your dog  pees inside your house and you want to train them to potty or pee outside, it important to clean up the mess they have made inside of your house properly. Dogs can repeat this behavior frequently because of the smell. Not properly cleaning an accident can cause the dog to return to the spot and repeat the behavior. In order to avoid this, always clean up, spray and wipe away the smell completely.

House Training Of Guilty Puppy

  1. Visit the Veterinarian

After consistent  dog training if your dog still pees indoors, you should visit the vet to check if your dog has a medical condition. Sometimes there is a medical reason and your vet can help more if this is the case and provide a solution. 

  1. Spay or Neuter Your Dog

It is sometimes often suggested by vets to spay or neuter your dog. Intact dogs are more likely to engage in urine spraying behavior. But if they are spayed it reduces or eliminates this behavior.

  1. Pay Attention To Your Dog

Always keep an eye on your dog, observe  behavior especially in the morning, after eating and before going to bed. These situations often lead the dog needing to  potty or pee. Take  your dog outside as soon as possible following these activities so that it will become part of their daily routine until they are comfortable enough to do it on their own.

  1. Ask For Professional Help

If you struggle  to keep your dog well behaved despite all the dog training that you’ve tried, it’s time for professional help.  Delmarva K9 in Maryland is the perfect training ground for your puppies and canines. They offer dog training like potty training and obedience to help your dog behave and become well mannered. They have different options for you to choose and give the best service and care of your fur babies.


Potty and pee training requires a lot of patience, time, consistency and effort. But the 10 tips above may help! If you are having a hard time Delmarva K9 is there to provide the best dog training service for you and your pet! Contact Delmarva K9 today to get started!